This blog is produced by final year Geography students at the University of Leicester. It presents work inspired by and researched during a week-long field trip to Berlin.

The Berlin fieldcourse ran for the first time in March 2017, led by Prof Gavin Brown. The theme of the fieldcourse is ‘Tracing Geopolitics in the Urban Landscape’. The module explores Berlin’s place in European and world geopolitics (especially from the Cold War onwards), examining the politics of housing and migration in the city, and thinks about how these three issues have shaped Berlin’s urban landscape.

The material on this blog was produced by students in fulfillment of one of the coursework assignments for the module. The assignment is an invitation to think creatively about aspects of the urban environment and how they shaped the students’ experience of the city. It relates to one of the intended learning outcomes of the module, which is to “critically evaluate different creative and intellectual ‘ways of seeing’ the cityscapes of Berlin”.